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Identity and Meaning

July 12, 2014

Even though I don’t think we have done the human intellect any service by prefering short attention spans in our media, I will admit to enjoying a well crafted short-story. I enjoy short stories in the same way I enjoy haiku, as an attempt to summarize a single idea in a well defined form, using as few metaphors as possible. As such, it seems perfectly appropriate to discuss my newest idea for my free-time here:

I thought I could write some short stories to capture people as they appear to me. The idea, of course, is to obscure any identifiable details and focus purely on the personality, or apparant personality presented to me in these interactions. I will start with my own personality in a few different scenarios. I don’t know how I will publish these stories. I won’t publish them in a blog, though some technology designed to perform a similar task might work.

This idea does have a higher purpose, I find very often my personal interactions rely on snapshots of an individual or myself as the main character. I can’t imagine most people have as few internal degrees of freedom as many of the characters I interact with do, so I thought I would write some stories based on the characters people present. I also want to write stories about how I perceive the world, but in my case I would prefer to develop the character to reflect my internal dialogue. I would say, “I’m trying to humanize the people I barely know,” though I have known them for years in some cases. This seems like something a good manager would do, a role I would like to perform some day, in some context.

As I point out above, this does have relevance for this blog. The lack of substance I want to fight against feels like the exact opposite of what a good short-story does. The stories I have read and enjoy the most don’t just add depth to people, they add depth to their situations. They don’t excuse the character’s failings but make their character palpable, as another living soul inside oneself would feel.

Some in Direction

October 3, 2009

The purpose, if not the exact type of content, of this blog has started to come into perspective.  I have an interest in how information technology has affected culture.  An example of what I mean lies in societies migration to the Internet without cultural metaphors to describe this medium.  I would also like to explore how cultural expectations have formed into new idioms that serve as placeholders for these absent metaphors.  The implications of these idioms seem to drive much of the societal mistakes we have made over the last quarter-century.  In short, I would like to provide a curatorial voice for contemporary technology.

Pop Culture and Rayguns

March 3, 2009

“I think we have a very nice quality.”
-From the album Rayguns Are Not The Future

Some Dogma

February 27, 2009

In an attempt to define the rules that will form this blog, I will use this style guide to compensate for a lack of substance.  Any similarity to Lars von Trier is purely intentional, though this does not void the license included below and in no way seeks to compare my work with his: 

  • Each post must stand on its own merits
  • This blog can be self-derived, but must reflect the general culture it seeks to describe with appropriate attribution
  • One cannot consider any entry complete, the dates only reflect when the original idea was formulated

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.


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